What do we offer?

Considering an organization as an entity, such as company or business, institution or association, in the face of the commitment of its members in order to achieve a common goal, from TR3S we offer a series of services to reach the success both on a particular level and on a collective level within it.

We work in two areas to implement improvements: the functional area through which we manage to improve the organizational structure, define well the functions of each job profile, establish an effective communication system, etc. and the personal area where to improve the skills of each organisation’s component, so that it adds maximum value in the position it occupies and becomes a facilitator in the interaction with other people of the organization.

Each area involves working on one tool or another according to the goal defined in the improvement process.

Top tools I use include:

Training plan

Reception plans for people

Management of the human resources department

Executive coaching

Strategic plans

Internal communication plans

Internal audits

Operational processes

Organizational improvement plans


Skills training

Work climate management plans

Career plans

Staff selection

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