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· President of PIMEC Training and Employment
· Director of Villa Retiro Cooking School

Imma estivill

Facilitators of personal growth and organizational improvement processes.

This is the mission that identifies me, that gives meaning to my life. It is, therefore, the engine that moves me in all areas and that together with my values,  it shapes how I travel through this world.

I consider myself  as an enterprising person (at the age of 18 I  had set up my own company), dynamic, eager to live every moment from the presence and awareness, always looking for the positive side of the coin, trying to live the successes from the humility so that they allow me to continually grow as a person. My daily motto paints my actions while helping me to manage them from an emotional point of view: “From my healthy condition, I will be able to make my environment like this too. However, from the pathological side  I will not be able to generate  a healthy condition “. My curiosity, my knowledge, my understanding of different realities… moves me, with an aim of achieving a broader and a richer view of life.

One of the values that moves me the most is to contribute, whatever the scope and always, from the sum of synergies; transformations and improvements that contribute to society  in its development. That is why, since my beginning as an entrepreneur, I have been actively involved in associational movements in the business world. From this point of view, I have contributed  to improvements from my comprehension , added to the knowledge of other entrepreneurs within  the Baix Camp region through the Chamber of Commerce, at provincial and sectoral level presiding over the association Catformació de Tarragona, currently presiding over the training and employment sector of Pimec at the level of Catalonia, from where we ensure the proper implementation of laws related to the sector and the efficient and effective distribution of resources for active employment policies, to achieve better results from the sum of  an agent in this sector, etc.


I carry out training, both at Pimec, taking open courses and in companies that require it within the areas of personal development, team management and sales. I chair the training and employment sector of Pimec, whose mission is to defend this sector and ensure its progress. I advise on improvement processes to different companies, organizations and cooperatives that require me or request it through programs such as Accelerate. I run the Villa Retiro cooking school and I also do private coaching processes.


It all starts with personal concern, geared towards global growth.


Coaching Master from the IEC

Industrial Psychology Master from the UPC

European Master in Management of Training Centers

Pedagogical Adaptation Course

Geography and History Degree

Teaching with the specialty of Social Sciences



Currently exercising.

Guidance expert of the Economic Development Postgraduate Course

Catalan Association of Municipalities, Girona (2014/2015 academic year).

Postgraduate Course in Economic Development coordinator

Catalan Association of Municipalities (2010/2011 academic year).

Management Skills Training

Development of courses in relation to managerial skills in different client companies of Aula and, specifically, for the Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives of Catalonia (fifteen cooperatives).

The courses are based on: sale to non-sellers; interpersonal communication; managerial skills (empathy, leadership, change management, positivity, motivation, etc.); talk in public; resilience training; internal and external communication system in a company; drawing a business plan; others (to date).

Trainer in CSR issues

(to date)

Trainer of Trainers

Application methodologies in the PGS, programs design for difficult groups, occupational training evaluation (to date).

PIMEC Foundation Technical Director

PIMEC Foundation Technical Director

Programs design for the employment groups at social exclusion risk, reconciliation programs and needs detection of the business fabric and training courses in CSR (up until 2008).

PIMEC Foundation Technical Director

Skills and people management trainer

Variety of courses taught: qualified directives; communication skills; personal coaching; organizational coaching; internal communication systems; service quality; sale to non-sellers; customer service; emotional intelligence; change management; knowledge management; team leadership; teams and people (to date).

Improvement Processes in SMEs facilitator

Organizational improvement processes development where the key lies within the combination of personal improvements, combined with organizational improvements (the improvement of the company does not become possible, if the structural changes do not combine with the personal ones). By providing tools to companies so that they can work independently, I develop my business with an average of five companies per year (to date).

Currently: KEY; CEVIPE; 4R Hotels Group; Costa Dorada Hotel Association; Ardagh; MEYPAR; CDI; i, LSP.

HR Department Manager

HR Department Manager

Employee selection and human resources advice (up until 2007).

HR Department Manager

Business Organization Consultant in HR field

Improvement processes management (to date).

Implementations adviser of Quality Systems.

ISO:9001 i EFQM (to date).

Adviser on training issues for companies

Outsourcing of the Aula Empresa department itself (to date).

Career Guidance Teacher

(to date)

Manager - Aula Training Center

Manager - Aula Training Center

Management of a Training Center for thirty years, in which several lines of business have been developed: Occupational Training; Continuing Education; FORCEM management; Training Management; Employment Guidance and Intermediation Service; Support; Learning; Training in Company; PIRMIS; Social Security Programs; Preparation for the Higher Degree Training Cycles Tests Access; Psychopedagogy Service; Summer Activities. The training team has twenty-five permanent employees and twenty-five non-permanent employees.

The main staff consisted of twelve people from whom, my tasks as a director were based on: commercial; group management (basically of the three main areas: Business Classroom, Study Classroom and Management Classroom); design of Aula Company programs and development of Aula Management projects; and technique in Human Resources in the area of Classroom Management ( up until 2016).

Manager - Aula Training Center

Support teacher

Private lessons development in the specialty of mathematics, statistics, physics and chemistry at the Baccalaureate level (up until 2004).




Province of Tarragona representative of the Catalan Business Association, in order to develop a lobby to reach politicians about the concerns of businessmen and managers (up to now).

Reus Chamber of Commerce

Reus Chamber of Commerce

Legislature member from 2006 - 2010; Plenary member and Training Commission chairman from 2010 - 2019 legislature.

Reus Chamber of Commerce


Tarragona Association of the Federation of Associations of Training Centers president (up until 2007).



Association of Young Entrepreneurs of the Province of Tarragona member and founder.



Participation in the AGORA quality development project within the company (up until 2007).



PIMECs representation from the institutional level in matters of Corporate Social Responsibility; Training Commission member; and, Occupational and Qualification Services Sector president.

PIMEC Baix Camp

PIMEC Baix Camp

Member of the Board and representative of the entity in all matters related to training and employment throughout the province of Tarragona (up to now).

PIMEC Baix Camp
PIMEC Catalunya

PIMEC Catalunya

Employment and Qualification sector president (up to now).

PIMEC Catalunya


Courses in the field of personal development

Coaching techniques; Communication Systems in the company; Good Communicator Skills; Change Management; NLP as a tool for personal improvement; Practitioner, master and trainer’s training in NLP.

Seminars in the field of education

Motivation; Tools for Managing Conflict in the Classroom; Design and Planning of Training Actions; Strategies for Improving School Performance; Attention to Diversity; Quality in a Training Center.

Seminars in the business field

Finance for non-financiers; Management of HR and materials in a company in the services sector; how to draw a Business Plan in an SME; Team Leadership; Emotional Intelligence; Time Management; Laughter therapy; Win to Win; Efficient Meeting Management; Insertion and Labor Intermediation; Corporate Social Responsibility; Skills of a good Communicator; Interpersonal Communication Course.

Course for Quality Managers

Quality Auditors Course with ECA's title.

Course that enables performance of audits.

Quality Course for Directors of Training Centers

Basic Occupational Risk Prevention Course

Communication course

Engineering Training Course

Marketing course: "How to attract students in a Training Center"


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