What do we offer?

Training becomes key to grow both as people and organizations in a society that is in constantly evolution. The main key lies in finding the training that each person needs in each of their life moments. NEVER do training because it must be, and especially when we talk about improvements in personal skills. If a worker is required to improve in leadership, for example, if that person does not feel that he or she is doing so badly as a leader, that person will find it difficult to incorporate improvements if he or she is taking a team leadership course.

Of the four phases of a learning process, my goal is to achieve the maximum percentage of students who reach the last phase, so that they can incorporate it into their daily lives, achieving a new habit. To learn, you must be at least in the second phase. What are these phases?

Training is still a sales process (you sell your knowledge to incorporate it into your life) and therefore communication and its implicit skills (persuasion, empathy, asking questions, active listening, constant observation …), becomes key fact.

The designs of my courses are based, apart from what I have already commented, on:

If you are a worker, we offer the possibility of recovering the bonus at no cost, so that the training can end up being free.

Highlights I teach, including:

Conflict relationship

Emotional intelligence

Human resource management

Change management

Customer service

Sales techniques

Negotiation techniques

Team leadership

Management skills


Coaching tools

Neurolinguistic programming

Communication skills

Effective communication in the virtual environment

Public talks

Strategic plans

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